No 1

1 June 1985

Who Knows… What They'll Wear Next?

It's all change for Strawberry Switchblade. Gone are the garish colours and heavy make-up. In their place are two rather sweet looking girls, clear-skinned and pastoral.

'We decided we wanted to shoot outside for the new single, Who Knows What Love Is,' says Jill Bryson. 'We wanted to wear different clothes and hardly any make-up.

'I wasn't sure at first. The director Tim Pope (who's done all the Strawberries' videos) had to stop us putting on our eyelashes!

'Tim's very good to work with. He gives you loads of ideas. He gets you doing things that you wouldn't maybe think of. He'll go, "come on, more manic, more WEIRD" - not that that's very difficult for us.'

One thing Jill and Rose did have a few difficulties with was their dresses.

'They're not very practical,' laughs Jill. 'We got bee stings, nettle stings, people kept treading on them. We gave them back in a real state.'

So they won't be wearing them live on TOTP?

'Well… we actually fell in love with them. We kept pleading with our record company to keep them but they were saying, "When will you ever wear them?"

'We'd wear them out shopping!'

So if you happen to be wandering down Oxford Street with not a care in the world, do mind where you tread…