No 1

6 April 1985


1. Sunday Morning - The Velvet Underground
'It's great!'

2. Oh Bondage Up Yours - X-Ray Spex
'Sod your sexual healing'

3. Falling And Laughing - Orange Juice
'This is Rose's favourite' (Jill picked OJ's Poor Old Soul)

4. Everything Counts - Depeche Mode
'Great pop song. Like the sound of instruments used'

5. I Wonder Why - The Pastels
'This is a great song even though we sing backing vocals on it'

6. Ship of Fools - John Cale
'Cos it's dead good'

7. I Got You Babe - Sonny & Cher
'Rose likes this (she's sentimental); she thinks they have great voices'

8. Theme from The Meaning of Life - Monty Python
'Jill likes this because she can relate to the lyrics'

And Yeuks

1. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
'Oh come on, do you need to ask why?'

2. Wrapped Around Your Finger - The Police
'This one's as bad as Roxanne'

3. Kids in America - Kim Wilde
'The words to this make us feel sick'

4. Rabbit - Chas & Dave
'Pre-punk Wham'

5. Pull Up To The Bumper - Grace Jones
The trendy's answer to Benny Hill.