Smash Hits

August 1983

'The single's about agoraphobia, you see...'

So says Rose, one half of Strawberry Switchblade. Well, for those of you who, like me, are a bit fuzzy on the old psychology stuff, a short explanation might be required. Agoraphobia is a fear of open spaces and Jill (the other half) has got it, and their single, 'Trees And Flowers' is all about it. This fear of the great unknown may be explained when you find the girl lives in the centre of Glasgow. Rose on the other hand loves going out; she lives on the edge of Glasgow in clear view of - would you believe - real countryside!

The girls met at a punk disco in 1977 when they looked even stranger. Quite punky in fact. Anyway, they became firm friends and formed an all-girl four-piece about two years ago. None of them could play anything (well, Rose was a dab hand at the drums but she wanted to sing) and after a year of playing around they trimmed down to a duo.

Since then, they've done a couple of Radio 1 sessions, supported Orange Juice on tour - 'the best thing we've done yet' - and signed to WEA (or rather Korova, the Bunnymen's warren)

The girls' latest venture was to be the support slot on Mac's most recent cross-country trek, but old misery guts decided he didn't like them.

'I'll have to kick him in the shins when I see him. I was really looking forward to playing again. Wait till the day they have to start supporting us,' rants Rose in soft Glaswegian tones. Give it a year, Mac, and you'll be sorry.

Their soft blend of melody and harmony is bound to find a place in the nation's heart, and, hopefully, the girls' dream of making 'lots of money' will be realised.

'We can't wait to go on TOTP. As long as they get rid of those awful dancers!'

Peter Martin