Smash Hits

28 March - 10 April 1985

Singles reviewed by Strawberry Switchblade

MEMPHIS: You Supply The Roses (Swamplands)

Rose: Got to be Single of The Fortnight for me. Great vocals, great guitar, it's a great pop record with tinges of country & western. It makes me really happy - I just wish the charts were full of songs like this.

Jill: I don't think this is the best version I've heard of this song, but I like it anyway. The cover is great - a highland cow in a purple loch!

ART OF NOISE: Moments In Love (ZTT)

Jill: This is really dreamy and atmospheric, like film music. It makes my eyeballs feel floaty. Definitely my Single of The Fortnight.

Rose: I really like this. It makes me feel like ice skating in the cold night air while listening to it on my Walkman.

MARILYN: Baby You Left Me (Phonogram)

Rose: I don't like it. It sounds a bit dated and who wants to relive the 70s?

Jill: A bit of a 'party on down y'all' song. Sounds quite strong but it's not my cup of tea, really. My boyfriend Peter thinks Marilyn is gorgeous, though.

THE POGUES: A Pair of Brown Eyes (Stiff)

Jill: I wouldn't normally listen to this type of traditional Irish folk song - but it's so well done and such a strong song I think anyone could like it.

Rose: Did they record this in a pub? There must be quite an art to playing an accordion with a pint of lager on top, I suppose. But I love accordions and it's got a nice production from Elvis Costello.

COCTEAU TWINS: Aikea Guinea (12" only EP) (4AD)

Rose: This has got to be one of the best this week. Liz (singer Elizabeth Fraser) really uses her voice well. The guitar is good, too.

Jill: I agree. It's all very atmospheric - in fact, it makes my skin ripple.

Rose: Well, it makes my organs wobble.

Jill: And it makes my eyeballs flip.

Rose: And it made my record player jump.

FOREIGNER: That Was Yesterday (Warners)

Jill: Bland and American.

Rose: I don't like it. If they get to Number One again, I'll kill myself.

Jill: Oh... they're on the same record label as us!

Rose: Oh... I mean, hey! What a fantastic record!

Jill: Yes, rather!

SMILEY CULTURE: Cockney Translation (Fashion)

Rose: I don't hate it, but I don't like it either.

Jill: Boring - Yawney Culture as far as I'm concerned.

FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD: Welcome To The Pleasure Dome (ZTT)

Jill: Everybody's heard this song lots of times already.

Rose: And I like the album version better anyway. I do think it's about time they did something new - you can only stretch a song so far, you know.

Jill: I do like Happy Hi on the B-side - Frankie gog electropop.

GODLEY & CREME: Cry (Polydor)

Jill: A weak ballad in amongst some nice synth sounds. Like most of the singles this week, it's produced by Trevor Horn. It's got a horrible ending that made my backbone go all squeegy.

Rose: I like the sleeve - it reminds me of a dress I had when I was eight.

DIVINE: Walk Like A Man (Proto)

Rose: A rare big creature. I don't know about the song, though. But Jill started to sing I Feel Love over it, so that must mean something.

Jill: Actually, this is completely bizarre - a 60s cover with a disco backbeat and that voice. And my boyfriend thinks he's gorgeous too!


Jill: This is dead epic and grand and un-modern. I think its great. If I was to be reincarnated I would want to come back as Anne Pigalle!

Rose: What?

EDDY GRANT: Baby Come Back (MCA)

Jill: This got me and Rose up to groove around the living room. Halfway through Rose started singing along and I started wondering if he'd be dancing in his shorts on the video.

Rose: I think he writes good pop songs (my cat started purring to this one). This is a cover of one of his own songs from way back when he was with The Equals. Hey! It really gets you going, yeah! yeah!

KILLING JOKE: Kings And Queens (EG)

Jill: Heavy Metal hippy crap with weedy vocals.

Rose: The song is moronic - a reflection of the group.

Jill: And the singer's even more of a Tory fascist bully boy than Gary Numan.

Rose: They're so safe - what are these boys scared of?

ABC: Be Near To Me (Neutron)

Rose: Lots of nice sounds. The main melody is dead good but I can't get very excited by the song.

Jill: This is much more like the ABC of old. I thought it was weak at first but I really like it now. There's a good toy piano on it. i feel a bit cheeky saying this but I wish they didn't look so daft.

DEAD OR ALIVE: Lover Come Back (Epic)

Rose: I don't think this will be able to follow You Spin Me Round - it's not as powerful a song. But you can't review something on what's passed - still, I don't like it very much.

Jill: Definite Donna Summer backing track with a pure 60s chorus. Rose started singing I Feel Love over the start of it. God it's horrible.

THE COLOUR FIELD: Castles In The Air (Chrysalis)

Rose: This record sounds like it's been recorded in the fifth dimension.

Jill: Groovy!

Rose: And as for the line 'castles in the air, a beatnik love affair' - what a topper!

BILL SHARPE: Famous People (Polydor)

Jill: He did that single with that yukky Tory Gary Numan didn't he?

Rose: Yeah. Well, this song made my bowels move.

Jill: It didn't move me in any way.

THE FLYING PICKETS: Only The Lonely (10)

Jill: I don't like this song, I don't like how it's done - electro bop, disco, a capella, whatever. But I do quite like the idea of this lot being pop stars - I don't think they'd abuse the position or anything. I mean they're so gormy.

Rose: Yeah, i suppose they're a harmless enough bunch.