Odds and Ends

Guest Appearances

Strawberry Switchblade did backing vocals on two records by other people:

Pastels I Wonder Why cover

The Pastels - I Wonder Why

Rough Trade records [RT137]
October 1983

I Wonder Why also appeared on a 33rpm flexidisc [Lyntone LYN12903] given away with early copies of the first single on Creation Records, '73 in '83 by The Legend! [April 1983, CRE001].

Suck On The Pastels cover

It is most readily available on the 1988 compilation album Suck On The Pastels : Retrogressive 1983-1985 [Creation CRELP031/CRECD031].

Download MP3 - 1.99 MB

Rigel 9 cover

David Bedford and Ursula Le Guin - Rigel 9

Charisma [RIGEL9], 1985.
CD reissue Virgin [CDOVD484], 1997

This is a really strange one. It's an Ursula Le Guin short story about astronauts on an alien planet, set to 80s proggy synth music by David Bedford. Strawberry Switchblade, backed by Barnet Schools Choir, do the voices for the alien funeral procession.

In an interview in 1989 for Airborne magazine, Bedford was asked about Rose and Jill's involvement.

DW - Why did you use Strawberry Switchblade on your LP Rigel 9?
DB - Because I did string arrangements for them on their album, because the producer had heard string arrangements of mine for Madness and Elvis Costello. I liked their voices very much because they didn't wobble around like opera singers. When I did the project for Charisma Records I wanted a strange alien sound and asked them if they would do it.

full interview online here
bedford biog online here

Download full scene that includes funeral procession MP3 - 9.25 MB

Download funeral procession MP3 - 3.66 MB

Available from Amazon.co.uk

Compilation Albums

Trees And Flowers appeared on:

Radio Twelve album cover

Radio Twelve (Tokuma Records [25RTL3], Japan, 1983)

Clear Cut Final cover

Clear Cut Final (Rough Trade/Tokuma [32JC-206], Japan, 1986)

Deep Water appeared on:

Raging Spool cassette cover

Raging Spool
[NME014, November 1984]

a cassette available exclusively to readers of New Musical Express

Go Away appeared on:

Debut LP mag cover

Debut issue 8/9, (Debut Records [LPMAG8/9], 1984)

Debut was a short lived UK music mag with a companion vinyl LP of music from the bands in the mag

Since Yesterday appeared on these compilation albums:

Hits Album 2 cover

The Hits Album 2
(double LP and cassette only, WEA, 1985)

Greatest Hits of 1985 cover

The Greatest Hits of 1985
(double LP, Telstar records [STAR2269], 1985)

A Kick Up The 80s vol 5 cover

A Kick Up The 80's Vol. 5 : Since Yesterday
(Old Gold records [OG 3524], 1991)

Girlism cover

Girlism: Colours of Female Music
(Ausfahrt Records [06148], Germany, 1991)

Living In Oblivion cover

Living in Oblivion: The 80's Greatest Hits, Vol. 4
(EMI [D-108707], USA, 1994)

New Wave Hits vol 15 cover

Just Can't Get Enough : New Wave Hits of The 80s Vol 15
(Rhino Records [8122-71978-2], USA, 1995)

This Is The 80s cover

This Is the 80's
(double CD, Warners, [9548-34205-2], 1996)

The 80s cover

We Are The 80s volume 4
(FM802 Sunday Sunset Studio [WPCR-773], Japan, 1996)

The 80s cover

The 80s
(Warner Brothers [WPCR 11225/6], Japan, 2002)

New Wave Undergound cover

New Wave Underground : New Wave On The Deep End
(200?, Philippines only? Bootleg?)

Solitude: No More Tears cover

Solitude: No More Tears
(Warner Brothers [WPCR-11475], Japan, 2003)

80s Night: The Ultimate Collection volume 14 cover

80s Night: The Ultimate Collection volume 14
(Mastermix, [CMM-8N7])

Subscription-only release for DJs

New Wave Essentials cover

New Wave Essentials
(Warners, Philippines, CD only, 2005)

100 Hits Woman cover

100 Hits - Woman
(5 CD box set, Demon Music Group [DMG 100 010], 2007)

Rock Over London cover

Rock Over London
(Westwood One, [RL-205], USA, 1985)

The Rock Over London records were complete one hour radio shows featuring a variety of UK artists, presented by UK DJ Graham Dene. They were generally only available via subscription to US radio stations for broadcast, and most (including RL-205) were issued with cue sheets.

Since Yesterday (Extended Version) appeared on:

Good, Old Fashioned 80's 12 Inch Single Collection CD cover

Good, Old Fashioned 80's 12 Inch Single Collection
(WEA [WPCR-1049], Japan, 1997)

80s 12 inch Singles Collection cover

Reissued as 80s 12 inch Singles Collection
(WEA Japan, 2003)

Let Her Go appeared on:

Sounds Great To Me! cassette cover

Sounds Great To Me!
(WEA [PIE1], 1985)

a promotional cassette given away by hi-fi manufacturer Pioneer

Dancer From The Dance cover Disc 42 of

Dancer From The Dance : The Definitive A - Z History of HI-NRG Dance Music
(2002-ish? USA only?)

a 93 CD collection aimed at DJs

Being Cold appeared on:

Parallel Side Of Soundtrack cover

Parallel Side of Soundtrack
(WEA Japan, [HDCA-10075], 2001)

available from amazon.co.jp

Sunday Morning appeared on:

Guitar Pop Jamboree - Stepping (More) cover

Guitar Pop Jamboree - Stepping (More)
(Warner Music [WPCR-10439], Japan, 1999)

Jolene appeared on:

Metro Waves cover

Metro Waves
(WEA [240817], Greece, 1985)

Under The Covers cover

Under The Covers - Other People Sing Other People's Songs
(WEA [WX146 242268-2], 1988)

Jolene and Ecstasy (Apple Of My Eye) appeared on:

WEA Top Hits 1985-1986 Vol.29 cover

WEA Top Hits 1985-1986 Vol.29
(double LP, WEA [PS-277/8], 1986, Japan, promo only?)

Let Her Go (Extended Version) appeared on:

Lost & Found 12 Inchers: The Best of New Wave Extended Versions cover

Lost & Found 12 Inchers: The Best of New Wave Extended Versions
(Decadance Production [3452-323], Philippines only, 200?, CD only? Bootleg?)

Cover Versions

Since Yesterday has been covered by numerous artists

Minipops Wanna Have Fun cover

Minipops was a deeply unsettling mid-80s British TV show where kids would dress up as pop stars and sing songs. Bizarrely, the Minipops kids were allowed to release a flabbergasting total of seven albums, one of which, Wanna Have Fun (K-Tel [KLP210], 1985], featured Since Yesterday.
download MP3 - 1.76 MB

Swastikas For Noddy cover

Current 93, who Rose worked with, covered Since Yesterday on their 1986 album Swastikas for Noddy. After legal action by the copyright owners of Noddy, the album was reissued as Swastikas for Goddy. This version of Since Yesterday was again reissued in 1991 on the Current 93/Death In June album 1888.
download MP3 - 3.71 MB

Venice cover Babys Angry cover

Fey indie boys Revolver covered Since Yesterday as the extra track on the CD single of Venice (Hut records [HUTCD14], 1992). It was reissued on the Revolver compilation Baby's Angry (Caroline records [CAROL1722-2], 1992).
download MP3 - 3.74 MB

Pots And Shots album cover

Japanese ska-punk band Potshot did a brilliant version of Since Yesterday on their album Pots And Shots (released in the USA on great Californian independent label Asian Man Records, CD & LP [AM018], 1998, and in Japan on CR Japan, 1997)

Available from the superb Asian Man Records on LP and CD

download MP3 - 1.63 MB

Wine Chicken and Music album cover

Scudelia Electro released a fine acoustic guitar and accordion-led version cover of Since Yesterday as the hidden track at the end of the Wine, Chicken & Music album, (Polystar, [PSCR-5683] Japan, 1998)

available from amazon.co.jp

download MP3 - 4.42 MB

One More Kiss cover I Am Pink album cover

Japanese model turned J-pop singer Hinano Yoshikawa covered Since Yesterday with Japanese lyrics as an extra track (two if you count the instrumental version) on the One More Kiss CD single (Pony Canyon, [PCDA-1048] Japan, 1998)

available from amazon.co.jp

The vocal version is also on I Am Pink album (Pony Canyon [PCCA-01200], Japan only, 1998)

available from amazon.co.jp

download MP3 - 3.66 MB
or go karaoke crazy and download instrumental version MP3 - 3.65 MB

Little Darla Has A Treat cover

Wussom*pow! have covered Since Yesterday on a various artists CD called Little Darla Has A Treat For You volume 11 (Darla records [DRL080], 1999, USA only?). They are from San Francisco and feature ex-members of Fighter D, Poastal, and J-Church.
download MP3 - 2.38 MB

TTAGGG / since Yesterday CD cover

MariMari rhythmkiller machinegun had a gorgeous spacey cover of Since Yesterday with Japanese lyrics as one of the tracks on their double A side single (if such a term can be used for a one-sided format) TTAGGG / Since Yesterday (Polydor [POCH-1963], Japan, 2000)

available from amazon.co.jp

download MP3 - 5.38 MB

Tommy February6 Every Day At The Bus Stop cover

Tommy February6, the lightweight plastic pop alterego of The Brilliant Green's singer Kawase Tomoko, covered Since Yesterday on her CD single Everyday at the Bus Stop (Sony/DefSTAR [DFCZ1037-8], Japan only, 2001). Kawase talks about it in this interview
download MP3 - 3.75 MB

Melodic Blackburn indie band Tompaulin recorded Since Yesterday for a Radio 1 John Peel session recorded 2 September 2001, broadcast 20 November 2001 (more info here). Not officially released.
download MP3 - 3.25 MB

Loverock - Strawberry Rush

Not exactly a cover version, Strawberry Rush by Love Rock is a bouncy house track that prominently samples the intro fanfare from Since Yesterday. (Pump Records, no catalogue number, 12inch only, 2001ish)
download MP3 - 8.8 MB

Girlracer cover

Once-Leeds, now-Arizonan purveyors of guitar indie pop with a good dose of heavy dirty noise, Boyracer covered Since Yesterday on Girlracer, a collection of six covers of girlgroup songs. This limited CD-only EP was only available on their spring 2003 US tour or via mailorder. (555 Recordings [555CD57], 2003).
download MP3 - 2.06 MB

Piper cover

lab. covered Since Yesterday on their album Piper (Misshitsu Neurose records, [DAKMSNA-46], Japan, 2004)

available from amazon.co.jp or cdjapan

download MP3 - 3.16 MB

Just Imagine Drive cover

Automat did a lo-fi acoustic cover of Since Yesterday on their album Just Imagine Drive (Ravenna records, USA, 2004)

available from Indie Pages

download MP3 - 2.35 MB

The Siren And The Sage cover

Anne Marie Almedal did a sweeping dreamy cover of Since Yesterday on her album The Siren And The Sage (+47, Warner Music [5051442-4055-2-1], Norway, 2007) download MP3 - 6.16 MB

Glaswegian indie band Attic Lights recorded a 40 second snippet version of Since Yesterday for a TV ad in 2009. The band may record a full version of the song for official release in future.
download MP3 - 609 KB

New York duo The Metric Mile recorded a version of Trees and Flowers ('We copied their song because we couldn't copy their look') as an out-take during sessions for their 2004 album How To Beat The SAT. Not officially released.
download MP3 - 3.52 MB

Current 93 Cats Drunk On Copper cover

Rose McDowall and Current 93 released a version of Since Yesterday on the Cats Drunk On Copper album ([DURTRO 056CD], 2001). It was recorded live on 3 May 97 in London. Rose has performed the song live several other times - see the downloads page.

Red Herrings

things are not what they seem

  • One source credits a 1984 reissue of Trees & Flowers on Korova [SAM240]. This was not a full re-issue nor was it in 1984. It was a free single given away with initial copies of the album Strawberry Switchblade in 1985. The same source says the reissue had a limited 500 copies with picture sleeve, but I can't find anyone, even the band, who've ever seen a copy.

  • One source credits several picture discs that don't exist:

    • Strawberry Switchblade LP picture disc
    • Let Her Go 12 inch picture disc KOW39PT
    • Jolene 12 inch picture disc KOW42PT (some copies of the strawberry shaped 7" picture disc were issued in their uncut format as 12 inch discs, but they only have a 7" playing surface and have the same catalogue number KOW42P)
  • Several sources mention a UK or European release of the Strawberry Switchblade album on CD. The album was only issued on LP and cassette in Europe. The only Strawberry Switchblade CDs are the eponymous album and its 1997 reissue in Japan, the Canadian reissue of The 12" Album, and The Platinum Collection

  • Affairs Of The Heart - Waterloo Sunset (version) / Waterloo Sunset (Scrub Mix) (UK 7", 1983) said to feature Rose McDowall vocals, but given it's 1983 I doubt it. Two websites credit the record without her, and Jill says Rose isn't on it.

  • A Peel Sessions album is mentioned by several sources, but it doesn't exist. Jill confirms that there was talk of releasing some or all of the BBC sessions around 1988, but it didn't happen.

  • Tibet, a song from Rose's post-Strawberry Switchblade demos, was released on the various artists album Final Solstice II (Piski Disk [PIX004CD], CD only, 1999). Several sources mistakenly say this track is 'unreleased Strawberry Switchblade recordings'.

    Rose has now released Sunflower Demos under the name Cut With The Cake Knife in a limited edition of 500 individually numbered and autographed CDs.


Several compilation videos featured Strawberry Switchblade's promo videos

Video Music 4 cover

Video Music 4
Since Yesterday

VHS, 1984

The Hits Video cover

The Hits Video
Since Yesterday

VHS, CBS/Fox [308050], 1985

The Hits Video Take 2

The Hits Video Take 2

VHS, WEA Music Video [WEAMV1], 1985

Eighties Video Stars 5 cover

Eighties Video Stars 5: 1985
Since Yesterday

VHS, Wienerworld [WNR 1085], 1990

The 80s Hits DVD cover

The 80's Hits DVD
Since Yesterday

region 2 DVD, Warner Vision, Japan only, 2003

Available from amazon.co.jp

As well as Since Yesterday and Jolene, promo videos were also made for Let Her Go and Who Knows What Love Is, but these two were not released in any commercially available format.


Jill Bryson

Jill recorded demos of ten songs and did several gigs immediately after Strawberry Switchblade and later worked with a band called Drop, but never released anything.

She has only two credited performances since Strawberry Switchblade.

Sunset Red cover

She did vocals on Sunset Red, a single by Lucinda Sieger (Em Records, CD [EM1026CDS] and 12" [EM1026EP], 1987, Japan only?), reissued on the album Heart In The Sky (Lucinda Sieger Productions [LS001CD] CD only, 2001).
download MP3 - 3.44 MB

Autogeddon cover

Her husband KR Frost, formerly of Farmers Boys, played bass in Julian Cope's band of the early-mid 1990s. This connection led to her doing vocals on Ain't No Gettin' Round Gettin' Round on Cope's album Autogeddon (Echo Records, CD [ECHCD1], LP [ECHLP1] and cassette [ECHCS1], 1994).
download MP3 - 4.61 MB

Available from Amazon.co.uk

She also featured on the cover of 20 Mothers, Cope's subsequent album.

Paranormal In The West Country cover

She makes an uncredited appearance on Paranormal In The West Country (Avebury) on Julian Cope's Paranormal In The West Country EP (Echo Records, CD only, [ECSCD4], 1994).
download MP3 - 3.51 MB

Rose McDowall

Conversely, Rose has been phenomenally prolific, performing on dozens of records. Whilst her main projects have been Spell and Sorrow, she has worked extensively with Coil, Current 93 and many other World Serpent type bands. Trying to do a complete Rose discography is a truly Herculean task far beyond the ken of a mere mortal such as I.