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First ever picture of Strawberry Switchblade First ever Strawberry Switchblade gig Rose and Jill at first ever Strawberry Switchblade gig
JILL: 'That's the first picture of Strawberry Switchblade. Right to left that's Janice the bass player, Rose, Carol McGowan who played drums, and me. It was very cold. That's up near the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow. That must be the winter of 81-82'. (pic: Peter McArthur) The first Strawberry Switchblade gig, December 1981 at Spaghetti Factory in the West end of Glasgow, near the university. Hardly anyone came cos it was snowing and no buses were running. (pic: Peter McArthur) Rose and Jill at the first Strawberry Switchblade gig, December 1981, Glasgow. (pic: Peter McArthur)

Rose and Jill, Alan horne's flat, 1982 Rose, Jill, Drew and Marg, Glasgow 1977 Signed to WEA, London, summer 1983
In Alan Horne's flat, Postcard Records headquarters in about 1982. (pic: Peter McArthur) This is 1977, punk times, outside Queen Street station in Glasgow. Rose, her husband Drew, Jill and friend Marg. (pic: Peter McArthur) Summer 1983, London, with manager David Balfe. Jill: 'That was when we signed to WEA. That's round behind Selfridges, there's a little lane with a plaza, St Christopher's Place. We'd signed to WEA that day and we were out having a meal, and it was very hot.' Having seen so many studio pictures of the band you get used to their look, but seeing them in this public setting makes you realise just how dramatically eye-catching they really were. (pic: Peter McArthur)

Jill aged 11 or 12 with Donny Osmond posters Jill in polka dots as a kid Jill aged 5 in a leotard embroidered with SS
JILL: 'That's me in my Donny Osmond phase. I must be 11 or 12 years old. I hope you appreciate the artistic arrangement of Donny Osmond posters. I even had them on the ceiling'. Jill's polka dot fixation started early... (picture later used on an early Strawberry Switchblade gig ticket - see gallery page 6) Jill aged five and in an outfit embroidered with the initials of Strawberry Switchblade. JILL: 'That's my first appearance on stage. I was five, and that must be in 1966 or thereabouts. It's a performance for a dance school, Sadie Simpson's Dance Academy, that's why there's an SS on the leotard. The letters look like Js but it's S's. We had to do tap dancing and ballet and all these stupid things.'

Photo session for Trees And Flowers cover, 1983 Live in Glasgow, 1982 with Suggs from Madness to promote International Youth Year 1985
Previously unpublished shot from the photo session for the Trees And Flowers cover, Jill's flat, Glasgow, late 1982 or early 1983. (pic: Peter McArthur) JILL: 'That's very early, that'd be 1982. That's at Glasgow technical college which is now a university of some description, and I think we were playing with Sophisticated Boom Boom who were another girl band.' Press photo with Suggs from Madness to promote International Youth Year 1985. Whatever that was.