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Jill live on stage, 1983 With a polka dot suitcase, Glasgow 1982 Jill, 1977 or 1978
Jill on stage, 1983. (pic: Peter McArthur) JILL: 'That's us in the West End getting pictures taken, there's Rose's spray painted polka dot suitcase. Very badly spray painted, obviously had a template and hadn't quite put it down. I think we were making daisy chains. That must be 1982.' (pic: Peter McArthur) Jill, aged 16, 1977 or 1978. (pic: Peter McArthur)

With Desmond the cat, circa 1982 Live on stage, Stirling 1983 In Japan, March 1986
JILL: 'That's us in West End Park Street in my flat with Desmond, one of the rescue cats from the basement in the derelict tenement building where we used to rehearse.' (pic: Peter McArthur) JILL: 'That's in Stirling supporting the Farmer's Boys in 1983. Very very cold. The bass player was called John. I can't remember his other name cos I'm old and my brain's gone [John Cook]. He played with us with Simon Booth and Roy Dodds and we did the Robin Millar session with them' (pic: Peter McArthur) JILL: 'That's Japan in March 86 when we toured. A tour of three different cities! Ah, it was gruelling!' (pic: Peter McArthur)

Rose on first visit to Japan, 1985 Jill on first visit to Japan, 1985 Rose without make-up, Japan, 1985
Rose on the first visit to Japan, 1985 Jill on the first visit to Japan, 1985 Unusual make-upless Rose, Japan, 1985

Jill in The Poems T-shirt, 1979/1980 Jill with Edwyn Collins and Alan Horne, 1981 Jill at Red Wedge launch, Nov 85
JILL: 'That's me outside my mum and dad's house in Glasgow, that's probably quite early as well about 1979 or 1980 and I'm wearing a Poems T-shirt, which was Rose's band with her husband. That's a later picture for that, they weren't going any more by that point.' JILL: 'That's me with Edwyn Collins from Orange Juice and Alan Horne of Postcard Records. That's early, that's probably 1981, before the band. That's outside Postcard Records, I lived round the corner.' (pic: Peter McArthur) Launching Red Wedge, a campaign to discourage youth apathy in parliamentary politics; 21 November 1985, House of Commons, London. Roughly left-right: Hank Wangford, unknown, Ken Livingstone MP, unknown, unknown, Jill Bryson (note Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock's hand on her shoulder - shudder), Ian Craig-Marsh (Heaven 17), Neil Kinnock MP, Martyn Ware (Heaven 17), Glenn Gregory (Heaven 17), Paul Weller, Beverley Randall (Black Theatre Company), Robbie Coltrane, Billy Bragg. Front: Kazuko & Kazume (Frank Chickens). (pic: Peter McArthur)