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First picture WEA saw of the band, Rose's flat 1981 or 82 cover shot of the Poems single unused picture of Rose, photoshoot for the Poems single
Peter: 'The first picture WEA saw of Strawberry Switchblade. Taken in Rose's flat in Darnley, Glasgow, 1981 or 82. Warner Brothers wanted to see what they looked like before signing them' (pic: Peter McArthur) Peter: 'This was the back cover shot of the Poems single ['Achieving Unity', 1981]. The front cover was simply a polka dots square. The single is pretty awful as I remember it'. Left-right: Drew, Rose, Ian (pic: Peter McArthur) Unused shot from the session for the cover shot of The Poems 'Achieving Unity' single, 1981 (pic: Peter McArthur)

Jill in checked coat, 1981 or 82 Rose and Jill, Glasgow 1982 Live in Leeds, 1984
Jill, 1981 or maybe 82. Peter: 'Jill when she was at art school before Strawberry Switchblade. Polka dots was just one of her looks. She was always a dramatic dresser' (pic: Peter McArthur) Glasgow, 1982 (pic: Peter McArthur) Live in Leeds, 1984 (pic: Peter McArthur)

Live in Leeds, 1984 Jill on stage, Brockwell Park, London, 4 Aug 84 Jill at art school, 1982
Live in Leeds, 1984 (pic: Peter McArthur) Jill live on stage at an anti-Thatcher Save The Greater London Council benefit gig, Brockwell Park, London, on a bill with The Damned, Spear of Destiny and Brilliant, 4 August 1984 (pic:Peter McArthur) See Clippings section for review in Sounds, 11 Aug 84. Laura from Sophisticated Boom Boom, Jill and friend, 1982. Peter: 'This is one of Jill's performance pieces at the Glasgow School of Art. Jill wrote the piece and made the clothes. I don't know what it was all about. Art, you know, you're not supposed to ask. Jill did a series of these, Rose was in one as a polka dot ballerina in a polka dot mask in a giant box.' (pic: Peter McArthur)

Great Western Road, Glasgow 1982 Experimental colour image, circa 1984 darker experimental image, circa 1984
Great Western Road, Glasgow 1982 (pic: Peter McArthur) Peter: 'This was a sort of image experiment that never went anywhere. It was taken in our flat in Muswell Hill, probably 1984' (pic: Peter McArthur) Another image experiment, circa 1984 (pic: Peter McArthur)