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Rose McDowall's Myspace page

Rose's main online spot, the place for news of what she's doing now and next.

Strawberry Switchblade: a Personal history

The original context of the superb essay by Alistair Fitchett featured in the Writings section. Wittily detailing the history of Strawberry Switchblade, written with real enthusiasm and insight. Check out the rest of the Tangents site ('The Home of Unpopular Culture') for a lot more of that sort of thing about people who aren't Strawberry Switchblade.

Strawberry Switchblade Primer

Good basic overview of the Strawberry Switchblade story from The 80s Server, a site dedicated to jocular preservation and celebration of 80s culture

Buy the CD reissue of Strawberry Switchblade from

But do check out eBay first as it's often cheaper there

Buy The Platinum Collection CD from

The new CD with all the album (shuffled around) and some extra tracks

Buy the CD reissue of The 12" Album from

One for completists and the undiscerning only; a handful of clumsy 80s remixes and a couple of lesser songs, all badly remastered to CD. See the interviews to understand how much those who made these cack mixes hate them.

Yahoo discussion group

Email discussion list for Strawberry Switchblade and related topics

Middle Pillar distribution

Great US-based distributors of ethereal, dark, ambient and experimental music. Their catalog has a lot of hard-to-find good stuff, including much of Rose's stuff with Sorrow and Current 93

Current 93

Official site for the band who Rose has worked with on loads of records since Strawberry Switchblade.

Postcard Records on TweeNet

Basic history of the Glasgow label that gave the world Aztec Camera, Orange Juice and Josef K, and the scene that spawned Strawberry Switchblade

Orange Juice

Concise but fact-filled little site about the prime Glaswegian Postcard band who were mentors of Strawberry Switchblade's early days.

The Pastels on TweeNet

Brief overview of the band's history, plus a 1997 interview with Stephen Pastel

David Motion

The guy who produced the Strawberry Switchblade album. It's also worth checking out his bit on Faber Music's composers page

Tim Pope

Excellent site of the innovative director of the videos for Since Yesterday, Let Her Go and Who Knows What Love Is (as well as great stuff for The Cure, Soft Cell and Bowie). Includes loads of archived videos.

Revenge of the 80s

The 28 March 2008 edition of the US radio show features a massive 40 minute interview with Rose, available as download or in streaming audio.