Great Pop Music and Strawberry Switchblade's Place In It

What makes great pop music great? Why do some songs hold us in their thrall all our lives? And why bother doing a website about a pop duo from twenty years ago who only made one album? Answers to all these questions plus hatred of prog rock are in this essay from the guy who did this site.

Strawberry Switchblade

A history of Strawberry Switchblade and why they mattered to this mid-80s teenager. Funny, incisive, aware and intelligent writing by the man who does the Tangents website, 'home of unpopular culture'.

Peter McArthur: View From The Inside

As an integral part of the Glasgow punk and postpunk music scene, Peter McArthur knew Rose and Jill before they knew each other. He was Jill's boyfriend during the Strawberry Switchblade years, and was also the band's main photographer. In this engaging piece written specially for this site, Peter talks candidly from an insider's perspective about the origins and the achievements, the rise and the demise of the band.